How we rescued our dog…


   My father was a police officer, and he loved animals very much that he had them since I was born. Our family had different types of breeds. Some were mixed breeds. I always believed that dogs are typical family members just as myself. So I was never afraid of them.


   The day my father got in car accident, our dog went missing. Since then, I always tried to help dogs by feeding homeless dogs, by offering our leftover foods to poor peoples` dogs, and by paying medicine bills for some dogs whose owners were unable to pay for them. However, I along with my family decided not to have any pets a long time ago. Besides, I already have my own family now.


   One day I was in Oak Brook sitting on a chair next to a local Petsmart store, when an old man walked out with three puppies. He sat next to me putting the puppies into the new cage.  We started a conversation about dogs, and he asked me to take them if I want. So, I did took one of them. I know that I can give him a better life than any dog shelters would give by allowing him to become a part of our family. I also think our neighbors influenced me, because many of them rescued dogs from shelters or somewhere else. I always admired how much they cared about the world. This is how we got our new family member, Naash.


How is he doing now…


   Naash is an adorable big dog now. Even though Naash has a very strong body frame, he has a very gentle face and is always a friendly dog to those whom he knows☺. If a stranger approaches our house, however, Naash was used to get very aggressive up until our baby girl was born. He always barks loudly to attract our attention to approaching strangers. We live on the first floor. He loudly barks 4 to 5 times a day at postmen: from USPS, UPS, FEDEX, DHL and food delivery people. After our baby was born, he knew it`s not proper to bark loudly when his younger sister is sleeping, so he barks with a little voice like a tiny puppy. Naash is a smart dog!


   Naash loves many things. Among these is to nuzzle his wet nose in my hands, in my husband`s hands, and even in my newborn baby`s hands. He craves attention most of the time, because he is scared of being abandoned or being ignored, I guess.    


   Naash loves food, especially cow ribs. Once we fed him his regular dog food, then we gave him one of our ribs from dinner. Naash can actually spend a whole three hours chewing ribs, because he loves them so much. Also, he loves bones, which we can get from Jewel Osco, Whole Foods, and Mariano`s. Unfortunately, Naash gets sick after chewing those bones. We are still trying our best to find out what makes his stomach so weak. He is a huge mixed German Shepherd.    


   Whenever Naash is bored, he looks at us with desperate eyes that appear as if he is sad. He does so while wagging his tail from one side to the other. Whenever we see him exhibiting these signs, we immediately pay attention to him and play with him a little bit, even if we are busy. If we ignore him his signs of being bored, he will come to us and won`t leave us alone. He`ll gnaw at our shoes and our socks, knocking over coffee and spreading his saliva all over our hands and faces!


Through adopting Naash, we believe we helped at least one dog. We want to continue helping dogs in need. So, what we have done so far?

- We educate friends and family on the importance of spaying and neutering their dogs

- We ask people for birthday donations. (My wife and I have a lot of friends, who generously donate to our projects in place of us receiving birthday gifts.)


There are so many ways that we all can help them, despite your age, your job, or your availability. Here is how Pets Premium Products support dogs and cats:

  • We raise money for dogs and cats, whose owner is homeless, in order to pay for their spay and neuter procedures
  • Volunteer at local shelter
  • Adopted a dog from a shelter
  • Speak up for dogs and for cats
  • Set up a donation drive - Every purchase you made has supported local shelter



I run a restaurant and my wife works in the law firm. Our sole purpose of Pets Premium Products is to help our community!


Let`s become better every day!




Pets Premium Products